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The regal snow leopard has held a place in Buddhist mythology for millennia. Living at high altitudes in an extreme climate, its thick silver coat keeps it warm while its long tail helps steady it as it races down steep mountain slopes in search of prey. Just 2,000 or so remain in the remote high peaks of Central Asia and the Himalayas. We are a small, highly experienced “boutique” travel company designing and operating unique tours in Ladakh.Our specialty is arranging small-group and customized tours in Ladakh,

Ladakh Eco trips. If you are looking for well organized, yet unregimented trip where you can speak to the people who design, organize and lead many of the trips, we are the company for you! We offer exceptional tours at very reasonable prices and our reputation for quality, safety, leadership and environmental responsibility is second to none. Join us for the best travel experience of your life!

Ladakh Eco Trips was established by Tashi Tundup with the support of renowned National Geographic photographer Steve and photographer Dhritiman Mukherji , Dahritiman .com. Tashi who grew up with wild animals for friends, hail from Karsha in the Zanskar region Ladakh, When he returned to Zanskar after graduating from Jammu University , he was saddened to see that wildlife in the region was on the brink of extinction. Being aware of the inextricable links between wildlife and its role in the survival of the local , he formalized a plan to start organizing wildlife and cultural trips to boost the livelihood of the local, introduce travellers to the real Ladakh and preserve the fast dwindling wildlife. Thus was born Ladakh Eco Trips.

He started his operation with Zanskar, which the government had opened for tourist then, As a result many travellers were able to experience the magnificence of the native animals of Zanskar including the majestic snow leopard, the rare Ibex, and the elusive wolf

With success of the Zanskar chapter and bombarded with request of new and old friends, in 2008 Ladakh Eco Trips expanded to other region of Kashmir and Himachal. It started organizing remote regions of Changthang, where people had the unique experience living with Changpas in their ancient rebo tents. Wildlife enthusiastic were given chance to spot the elusive creature in Hemis National Park, Sham valley ( Western Ladakh) Changthang wildlife Sanctuary and Nubra Valley.

Ladakh Eco Trips contributes 10% of its income to dedicated fund which goes towards preserving the ecology and helping the local education, renovation the cultural feature and garbage management system.


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